Just wanted to update you guys with a quick photo journal recap via my Instagram (follow me? @mpantel)! This month has been spectacular. Started the month off being part of a funny TSN Valentine's Day skit with Cabbie Richards and Evander Kane. Started a new job with Cruise Media Group. Went to Florida to shoot (now it's editing time!). Watched one of my close girlfriends get married in Brandon. Held a 12 foot python. Bought some new things to furnish the new home. Starting to slowly feel settled... finally!

I went for an amazing run today and I couldn't help but get the feeling that spring is around the corner. I love that feeling!

Enjoy the long weekend and see you all at Festival du VoyageurHé ho!



January has been a pretty incredible month, and what better way to look back at the first month of 2013 than through Instagram? Here's a summary of January... in order of events... sort of.

- I rang in the new year on a beach in Fiji with the best person in the world. Ever.
- Ate the best ice cream in LA here
- Played games and drank drinks here.
- I saw my first NBA game in LA (Lakers vs Clippers!). Seriously my new favourite sport!
- Planning and decorating our new home (we moved at the beginning of December).
- Launched another Prairie Yogi of the Month video.
- I played in a bonspiel fundraiser. Love those.
- Trying my best to complete a 30 day yoga challenge.
- I think I must have 6 photo shoots under my belt this month alone. So busy.
- Shot and edited a personality profile on Chef Rob.
- Wedding showers + catching  up with old friends.
- Went to a Winnipeg Jets game. The lockout is over; let the beer flow.
- I ate at the first restaurant to ever be on ice. The river pop up RAW: ALMOND. It was amazing.
- Visited my new favourite neighbourhood flower boutique Oak + Lily. This place is so cute and the owner Tat is so sweet.
- I got a big girl job with an awesome company- starting on Monday!
- Tried Thai Yin Yogassage with Monica at Hollow Reed Hollistic. Finished the month feeling happy and centred.

Hope you're all loving 2013. Busy is a blessing!