Fifty things I want to do before I die:

1. Cook dinner for my grandparents.
2. Make a cake from scratch.
3. Study yoga in India. For an entire month. In an Ashram.
4. Travel to Portugal.
5. Travel for eight months straight.
6. Float in the Dead Sea.
7. Learn to make my own lattes and cappuccinos.
8. Take my parents on a surprise vacation.
9. Be a travel photographer/writer.
10. Work for a travel publication. Explore & write for a living.
11. Read one book every three weeks.
12. Paint every week.
13. Become a consistent writer.
14. Run a full marathon.
15. Learn Italian.
16. Become a certified yoga teacher.
17. Write for an international publication.
18. Find my dream job.
19. Live for at least three months in a L'Arche home.
20. Publish a book.
21. Take an art class in Italy.
22. Take a cooking class in every country I visit (especially Thailand).
23. Go to Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week.
24. Go on vineyard tours. (Note: plural)
25. Visit the Maldives.
26. Grow my own garden.
27. Go to Churchill, Manitoba.
28. White water rafting.
29. One day be a mentor to a young man or woman.
30. Start a business!
31. African safari, baby.
32. Visit the Mediterranean.
33. Film a documentary.
34. Grow lilacs in my yard.
35. Make homemade wine.
36. Sleep underneath the stars.
37. Blog consistently.
38. Chichen Itza.
39. Have a dog.
40. Visit the Middle East.
42. Have or adopt a baby/babies aka become a momma.
43. Le Tour Eiffel.
44. Fly over a volcano.
45. Learn first hand about the Balinese culture,
46. Trek a mountain.
47. Go to Angel Falls.
48. See an Olympic sport live.
49.  Visit family in the south of France.
50. Live an inspired life.