There is nothing that I love more (except for cheese) than an aromatic, creamy, smooth cafe latte. I've been a devout member of the Church of Starbucks for quite some time now, but have decided to change congregations as of last week. Big deal, I know.

Enter Parlour Coffee. Before I gush about their outstanding coffee, I have to comment on their customer service. The baristas are friendly, conversational and relaxed... not in a "Starbucks-y corporate culture" kind of way, but rather in a genuine, optimistic "brand new business venture" kind of way. 

On Monday afternoon, my barista Andrew chatted briefly with me and my boyfriend about the new cafe. I was so impressed that Andrew asked what my name was and reached out a friendly hand for a shake. That, my friends, is great customer service and after years of working in the service industry, you learn to appreciate those sincere moments.

In addition to serving the best latte I've had in a very long time, Parlour compliments it's product with excellent service, and a minimalist, chic decor. You can't help but notice how cool the vibe is here. 

Parlour's coffee is flown in fresh every week from Calgary and Vancouver, serving 49th Parallel Coffee, and Phil & Sebastian Coffee

Parlour is located in the Exchange District at 468 Main Street in Winnipeg, Manitoba. You can also follow them on Twitter. Now, go grab a latte and tell them Monique sent you!


  1. love your pictures! The colours work so well with your layout.

  2. Thanks Tracey! Parlour came across this post yesterday and tweeted me! It made my day!

  3. haha church of starbucks made me laugh! I'm a member of the Tim Hortons congregation! Parlour's coffee does look good & its always nice to intereact with someone who is being genuine.

    Em K

    Also if you get a chance to go up to Muskoka Beer fest you should. The town is great, full of little shops & art galleries a weekend wasn't enough time!

  4. Great photography! This latte looks delicious- and your writing is wonderful!


    Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/

  5. Omg I am hungry at this moment and when I saw the coffee I felt I must go downstairs and prepare some coffee for me hahaha
    nice blog <3

  6. Hey Monique, what do you take your pictures with. Equipment/apps?

  7. This place looks amazing! I can't wait to check it out. Do they have food too or is it strictly coffee?

  8. thank you honey, I'll follow you too :D

  9. You've got me craving some mighty fine java - thanks for the recommendation!


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