It was the most special lady in my life's bday this past weekend. Had a big family brunch with my aunts and uncles at the L'Arche Tova Cafe. I brought some cupcakes for the occasion, too! Mom + me will be hanging at Ten Spa sometime in the near future.

Last year, I made such an amazing gift for my mom. I still love looking at it. It was a milestone year, and - I don't want to give away her age but it rhymes with fixty. Anyways, I contacted the closest people in my mother's life; parents, brother, sisters, brother and sister in-laws and close personal friends. I asked them to write a short letter to my mom or a fond memory they share. From there I filled the book (which I made online) with pictures of her life and matched stories and well-wishes with relevant photos. 

My mom loved it, needless to say. 

<3 Love you Mom.


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  3. Sorry - typos! What I meant to say was, I'll bet that was among the most-cherished gifts she ever received. :)


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