I'm writing to you all from a different place in my life- a home that is! No more condo-living for this gal! Things have been been in turbo mode over the past few weeks. I've been living like a semi-gypsy out of boxes while desperately trying to finish the last of my school assignments.

Last week, I started a three week internship at Metric Marketing, an online marketing agency. The company recently changed names (used to be Canada's Web Shop) and locations. Lucky me, I get to hang in the brand new offices- it's nice and fresh at Metric! The first couple of days I was a little bit shy, which isn't really like me - but I've warmed up to the family at Metric. Lee surprised me this afternoon with chocolate chip banana bread aka the fastest way to becoming my best friend. I've been working on two social media clients and some small design stuff and this week I'll be doing some search engine optimization.

I'll be finishing my Scuba lessons this week too, so that I can do some diving. In the ocean. In Fiji! YA! We're going to FIJI!

I can't think of a better way to wrap up the best year of my life. A fun internship where I'm constantly learning, a new home with the person I love so much, getting certified to scuba, and a trip that's bound to be adventurous and romantic in one of the world's most luxurious destinations. Cray.

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  1. Looks awesome Moni-qua! Love the branded merch everywhere. Think Shift is like that too.
    Sounds lovely that you're finishing off 2012 and starting the new year with so many great things going on for you!


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