Last week/ weekend consisted of me drinking my weight in sangria and sunbathing with some of my best girlfriends. It's been so nice to have some down time with these girls.

While lounging on party island, we were talking about how much we love Winnipeg and our province.  After graduating, every single one of us had sincere intentions of moving away- Vancouver, Australia, Calgary and New York City were just some of our hopeful future homes. Some of us moved for a few years but inevitably, we are all back in Winnipeg.

Now, this isn't a bad thing. Quite the opposite, actually. We talked about how, although Winnipeg isn't exactly the hub for our dream jobs of being investment bankers, lifestyle magazine editors and careers in foreign policy- we all agreed that this city has a lot of opportunity and luxuries that many other cities lack.

We have the luxury of driving 1-4 hours any direction and finding breath taking freshwater lakes. Ask anyone from Winnipeg what they're plans are for the weekend and chances are it'll be: Lake of the Woods, Clear Lake, Lac du Bonnet, Grand Beach or Victoria Beach. Each of these places has a unique charm about them.


I'm off to Boston tomorrow, so I hope to come back with some great pictures and hopefully a mini weekend city guide! Stay tuned!

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