So I've become a pretty great cook over the years. I can 'Iron Chef' my way through most kitchens with  random ingredients, making some sort of dish that will satisfy just about anyone. I hate recipes. Which is probably why I've avoided trying my hand at baking- until two weeks ago.

On a long drive back from the cabin, my boyfriend and I were talking about my Fifty list. I've realized that several things on the list have changed since I first wrote it last September. Time to update it, I thought, eventually. But going through the list made me realize that - a) time flies, and b) I should probably get on top of this list before I, you know, die.

So I made a goal for myself this summer in order to knock at least one thing off of my Fifty list: become a solid baker.

I figured taking baby steps was a smart way to approach the world of baking, so my first try was at making chocolate chip cookies. They were awesome! The confidence I gained from making the cookies got me excited to try something different. Organic carrot cake and blueberry banana muffins followed. Both received rave reviews from the boyfriend and friends. Woo!

I decided to make my carrot cake with double the icing: one cup of butter, two blocks of cream cheese & eight cups of icing sugar- eff ya.


  1. Those blueberry muffins looks delicious and that carrot cake sounds too good to be true. I absolutely love to bake. It's so much fun to create something that looks beautiful and tastes great too. As far as the bucket list, I think it's important to reevaluate your list every now and again. We change all the time so our goals do too.

    So nice to hear from you!! Aaron and I recently moved into our first house so it's been busy, but lots of fun too!! XO

    1. Such exciting news for Aaron and you- congrats! Next time you're in the city be sure to give me a shout! I'd love to catch up! XO


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