I really can't complain about my summer so far. It's nearly mid-June and I've spent most of my weekends at the cabin and filling up the remainder of my free time during the week reconnecting with my friends and family.

This past weekend I drove up to Riding Mountain National Park. I canoed, hiked, explored, snoozed and ate everything imaginable. Over the past week weeks I've seen black bears, a beaver, loons (my absolute favourite), and a ton of white tailed deer.

On Saturday, eight of my closest girlfriends from high school celebrated a wedding engagement. We surprised her with TONS of cheese, beer, wine and hugs. A belly dancing lesson was even organized- but I'll save that for another blog post.

I've got two exciting trips coming up in the next month. I'm hoping to be more consistent with my photography and blogging- so keep posted!

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  1. I can almost feel the weather when I look at these shots. Nice work!


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