I was fortunate enough to have a really great high school experience. I played lots of sports, enjoyed my classes and teachers, and was lucky enough to be a part of a really special group of girls. A funny, athletic, down-to-earth, adventurous, smart group of babes.

After graduating high school, a lot of us went our separate ways. Some of us (guilty), had gone years without speaking - not intentionally, but each being busy with our own individual lives. Some travelled, some moved. We'd all gone out into the world and made new friends. 

Now that we're finding ourselves reaching a new stage in our lives: toning down the party dial and turning up the babies + engagements, I see my group of high school girlfriends gravitating towards each other again. And it's awesome.

Two weeks ago I got to spend some quality time with my Louis girls. We surprised one of our girlfriends with cheese, wine, beer, steak, prawns, salad and jello shooters at Riding Mountain National Park, as a congratulatory send off to her new life in Georgia with her fiance. 

After catching up with all of the girls, it amazed me how much we had all grown and changed, but somehow we have remained the same. They're all the same funny, athletic, down-to-earth, adventurous, smart group of babes that I loved so much way back in high school.

One of my favourite moments of the weekend was the private belly dancing lessons secretly arranged by Natalie- it was absolutely hilarious. 

Enjoy the shots from the weekend!... Les filles, je vous aimes tellement! XO

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