Parish Cafe and Bar was phenomenal. Each item on the menu was created by a chef from the Boston area.
Mike & Patty's - An amazingggg sandwich shop on Church Street. This place was literally less than 200 square feet.
Avocado, eggs & some sort of asiago spread = my idea of Heaven.
I now know the secret recipe of home made lemonade- Boston style...
Our hotel was celebrating its centennial anniversary!

Stopped in at Williams-Sonoma and picked up a mammoth of a baking book to help me on my journey to becoming a top notch baker. I also got two very cute baking aprons with matching oven mitts!
At the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to. Hands down. 
Handsome men.
You will find Catie most days at The Fairmont Copley Plaza. She is the hotel's 'Canine Ambassador' and has her very own children's book. Guests can even take Catie for a walk around Boston!

The Pahk.
Douglas, Regina Pizza's bartender extraordinaire. He is the only man to ever work as a waiter at Regina's, which has been open since 1926.
I was told that pictures were not allowed BUT - the oven, still used today, was imported from Italy in 1883. It's the same oven Regina's Pizza has been using since they opened in 1926.
You don't even understand... 
A line-up, always.
Spent an afternoon at the beach and put our toes in the ocean.

Norah Jones sang some tunes...


- Norah Jones concert- This girl has won NINE Grammy Awards...
- Tenacious D concert - This band has won zero Grammy Awards... but Jack Black was hilarious.
- Wedding
- Shopping
- Fenway Park: I would have LOVED to have caught a game, but the team was away...
- Regina's Pizza
- Mike & Patty's
- Saw the ocean
- Ate some delicious seafood
- Beers every day- sometimes even for breakfast- don't judge me
- Picked up some exciting goodies at Williams-Sonoma

I'm off to one of the most beautiful places in Canada tomorrow, the Okanagan in Kelowna, BC! I'll be knocking off another spot on my fifty list this weekend: visiting vineyards!


  1. omg it looks like you had an absolutely fabulous vacay! Your food pics make me feel starving. :p

  2. ps Have fun in Kelowna, drink lots and lots of wine :)


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